Great Vegetarian Menu Options

Great Vegetarian Menu Options

There’s nothing better than spending some quality time with family and friends enjoying a delicious meal at a good restaurant. It’s a great way to boost your mood, and since there’s a lot of talking and joking in between eating, it’s good for digestion because you’re eating slowly.

Restaurants these days cater for all tastes, so there’s always something on offer for everyone – even those who for various reasons don’t eat meat. Following are some great restaurant menu options for the vegetarians in your group. 

Broccolini, roasted garlic and red pepper frittata – frittatas are popular with vegetarians, because they are crammed full of vegetables, eggs, garlic and cottage cheese. This colorful frittata is delicious when served with oven-roasted potatoes or a crisp green salad. 

Mushroom Bolognese with spaghetti squash – instead of regular pasta, gluten-free spaghetti squash is used in this meatless main dish. When roasted until tender, the squash comes apart and resembles strands of noodles that work exceptionally well with the sauce. The sauce consists of a combination of three types of mushrooms – button, cremini and porcini mushrooms cooked with canned tomato liquid and ¼ cup of dry red wine. 

Grilled vegetable and hummus wraps – all the fresh vegetables of summer are grilled and folded into hummus wraps. Delicious when served with a pasta or potato salad. 

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Cauliflower/butternut coconut curry – this meal consists of a few different textures, like tender vegetables, crunchy peas and a silky-smooth coconut broth. Served with chili and cilantro couscous, it’s an incredibly satisfying meal ideal for the cooler weather. 

Butternut and kale lasagna – the noodles and squash in this dish are covered in a béchamel sauce loaded with Gruyere, making it deliciously rich. The kale balances the sweet squash perfectly and the topping of toasted, crunchy pecans, makes this vegetarian lasagna a luscious choice! 

Vegetable and tofu stir-fry – a meatless stir-fry with a scrumptious, seared, slightly smoky tang that you would order and enjoy in any good Chinese eatery. 

Korean chilled buckwheat noodles with chili sauce – extremely popular during summer, this delicious meal can be enjoyed all through the year. The naengmyun noodles, made with buckwheat and wheat, are beautifully chewy. Since the noodles have a somewhat firm texture, the meal is served at the table with scissors, for the diner to snip the noodles a few times and mix all the ingredients together. 

Three cheese lasagna – this lasagna, made with Parmesan, mozzarella and ricotta, has a gooey factor that is simply irresistible. With fresh garlic, ground red pepper and a little fresh basil added to the mix, it’s a meal that is enjoyed by all, even those who do not follow a vegetarian diet!

Orzo salad with spicy buttermilk dressing – this colorful and tasty salad gets a spicy boost from the buttermilk dressing, to which ground red pepper and chili powder have been added. 

Zucchini and caramelized onion quiche – this dish, with its silky, caramelized onions and super thin slices of zucchini, is actually as delicious as it sounds! A simple dish, yet one that most times has people asking for seconds!

Grilled eggplant and tofu steaks with sticky Hoisin glaze – This Chinese-style barbecue vegetarian meal captures the flavors of an awesome barbecue, without the use of any meat!

Peanut-crusted tofu tacos with tasty slaw – this dish, made with tofu tacos, give regular tacos a run for their money and are so delicious, that it’s sure to convert even the most adamant of non-tofu eaters!

Classic minestrone soup – an incredibly tasty and satisfying hearty soup just perfect for a cold winter’s day. 

Stuffed cabbage rolls with tomato sauce – filled with a mixture or lentils and rice and then covered with a delicious, rich tomato sauce and baked, these cabbage rolls are great when served with a few warm flatbreads. 

Oriental mushroom and pak choi stir-fry – made with ingredients that include shallots, garlic, ginger, a mixture of oriental mushrooms, pak choi, spring onions, soy sauce and vinegar, this simple yet mouthwateringly scrumptious meal is guaranteed to be enjoyed by everyone!

Lancashire hotpots – made with parsnips, carrots, onions and pearl barley, this vegetarian version of Lancashire hotpot is sure to be a winner on those cold and rainy winter’s days!

Vegetarian sausages with gravy and mash – these sausages are made with mozzarella, Lancashire cheese, fresh breadcrumbs and spring onions and when served with a mustard-tasting mash and rich gravy made with onions, it can only be described as the perfect comfort food!

Above are just a few of the thousands of vegetarian meal options available at restaurants all over the country. Apart from being able to order the type of food you want and enjoy eating, it is being with family and/or friends that really makes the meal that much more enjoyable. 

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